Feel Dizzy When Standing Up? Here’s What You Can Do

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Feel Dizzy When Standing Up? Here's What You Can Do

Have you ever experienced dizziness while standing up after sitting or laying down for long? It’s often experienced while getting out of bed after waking up. Many also feel such dizziness after having a full meal. According to Harvard Health, about 20% of those above the age of 65 experience it. It is also commonly seen among young individuals. This commonly experienced dizziness is medically known as orthostatic hypotension. It simply means your blood pressure drops briefly as you stand up after sitting or lying. If frequent and severe, you must consult a medical expert. However, there are ways to manage it if you experience mild dizziness, and that too sometimes.

Why You Feel Dizzy After Standing Up

As you already know, it’s called orthostatic hypotension characterized by a brief drop in blood pressure. 

  • It happens because blood pools in the legs for a few moments as you stand up, according to Harvard Health. It takes a few moments before some of the blood is pushed towards the heart, after which the dizziness spell fades.
  • Similar dizziness is experienced after you have a large meal. It’s because blood rushes to your belly for digestion, thus lowering the blood pressure.

How To Prevent & Manage Orthostatic Hypotension

Orthostatic Hypotension is a common condition

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If you experience severe dizziness frequently, then you must consult your doctor. However, for mild and infrequent orthostatic hypotension, you can do the following to prevent and manage it:

1. Rise Gently

You experience dizziness as you stand up abruptly after laying or sitting. To prevent it, try standing up slowly to allow the blood the time to flow from your legs to your heart.

2. Consider Medication

Certain medicines can cause your blood pressure to drop. Hence, if you experience orthostatic hypotension, consult your doctor and see if any drug is the reason behind you. Accordingly, you can either lower the dose or stop the medicines altogether if you do not need them. However, do not stop or lower the dose without your doctor’s recommendation.

3. Modify How Much You Eat

Feeling dizzy when you stand up

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People often feel dizzy after having a large meal. To prevent it, consider having smaller meals frequently. It will also save you from having a large number of calories on one go. It might also prevent the energy lull following a heavy meal.

4. Drink Water

Dehydration is one of the reasons behind low blood pressure or hypotension. Since you go through a no water spell during the night as you sleep, it explains the dizziness as you wake up. To prevent it, having lots of water before going to bed is not recommended. Instead, have enough water after waking up and drink fluids throughout the day.

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5. Exercise

Working out is another way to prevent dizziness. As you exercise after waking up, blood flows throughout your body, preventing orthostatic hypotension.

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These tips can work if you experience mild and infrequent dizziness after standing up. However, for extreme cases, you must see a doctor who will rule out any serious medical issues and might prescribe you medicines accordingly.

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