Effects And Tips To Overcome By Expert

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COVID-19 Decision Fatigue: Effects And Tips To Overcome By Expert

Corona virus has created stress within us somewhere or the other. Because of this, it has affected our ability to think and take decisions. COVID-19 pandemic has created many losses of lives, and taken people to situations where they have lost their ability to make decisions. When a person loses his ability to take decisions, it is known as decision fatigue. It is more common towards people that have experienced restrictions, uncertainties and difficult problems. This COVID-19 has made us ponder about reconsidering out path and pattern of approach. Today we will know about COVID-19 decision fatigue, what is it and how to cope up with this condition.

What is COVID-19 Decision Fatigue?

We spoke to Dr. Shweta Awasthi, Consultant Psychologist in Vozart Healthcare Hospital, Kanpur to help with taking some strong decisions. She told that decision fatigue occurs when a person is unable to make decisions even after having a progressive mental health. It also occurs when the person needs to make too many decisions at a single time and therefore the ability of decision making declines at a rapid scale. The person going through this always remains confused about what to do and how. It becomes comparatively difficult for them to tackle situations and affect ones capacity to make decisions. 


Effects of Decision Fatigue

COVID-19 has affected different generations and have resulted them to be in a condition of decision fatigue. According to a survey conducted by national psychology association, 32% of people got affected by decision fatigue in last year during second wave of COVID-19. Here is the bifurcation of people divided into category and effect of fatigue-

  • 48% in millennial
  • 37% of generation Z
  • 32% of generation X
  • 14% in babies
  • 3% in older adults

According to different report of studies, people also showed high levels of stress and especially in younger generation. It can be significantly problematic and thus can affect their mental health at a huge scale. If this COVID-19 decision fatigue goes on for long, there is also a risk for mental health disorders and serious mental health conditions. 

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COVID-19 Decision Fatigue Problems

This condition came into existence much later than normal decision fatigue which happens because of other factors. COVID-19 wave hit people very harshly. They had to think about their decisions and problems all over again, and it was quite a task. Because of taking too many decisions and having too much on their plate, they fell for decision fatigue. In the corona virus period, where every other person was getting infected, it become much worse and their behaviour was affected. 


Tips to Overcome COVID-19 Decision Fatigue

It is important to control and overcome your decision fatigue because this can get worse with time and have adverse affect on mental and physical health. COVID-19 decision fatigue affected their decision making abilities and it is important to bring it back and prevent people from going through it. Here are some tips that can help you overcome decision fatigue caused because of corona virus. 

1. Eliminate mundane decisions in your life, this may prevent you from taking wrong decisions or decision fatigue in conditions where you really need it.

2. Do not indulge or think too much about decisions that does not require much processing, easting your energy on making decisions and over thinking can lead a person to decision fatigue and related issues. 

3. Be compassionate about yourself and try to make an impact with your decisions. This will help you indulge more in the process and decision fatigue can be overcome as compassion drives more energy and results.

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4. Get enough sleep and take rest when needed. One of the important factors that lead to COVID-19 decision fatigue is lack of sleep. You need to give proper rest to your body so that your mind is fresh and you are able to think more positively. 


5. Take help of someone you trust to check your decision making ability by throwing a problem in front of you. This will help you reduce anxiety and increase quality of your decision making. It can also prevent COVID-19 decision fatigue. 

6. Do not let other make decision for you. Sometimes we rely too much on other people and they start to make decisions for us, this can be problematic and lead you to COVID-19 decision fatigue. It is important to remind yourself about good decisions and revoke it if possible.

7. Review your decisions that you have made in the past. This will help you know about your mental health status which can increase your ability to take more efficient and effective decisions. Understanding that you have decision fatigue is an important step in determining the cause of the decision fatigue.

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