Does Maternal Bonding Influence Infant Behavior?

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by the University of Kent analyzed data from 178 infants and their parents discovered


A lot of controversial debate about bed sharing by parents and infant sleep is happening as many researchers and practitioners recommend against bed sharing, particularly before four months of age, due to the increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

But parents still follow the idea of attachment parenting to share their bed with their baby for several reasons like practicality and breastfeeding.

“Around a third of all parents share their bed with their infant during the first 18 months of life occasionally to most nights in this UK study. We found the practice was associated with ease of breastfeeding and dealing with night waking of the baby” says Professor Wolke, University of Kent.

Longer follow-up studies on maternal bonding effects on child development can provide more insight about bed sharing required to better inform parents, guardians, and practitioners.

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