Do not drink too much water

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The amount of water
When the heat increases in summer, the body loses water and we naturally get thirsty and drink water. Doctors warn against drinking too much water. Drinking more water than the body needs will dilute the amount of salt (sodium) in the blood. So it causes inflammation in the brain – even in the elderly. Drinking too much water can also cause some kind of intoxication. Dissolves sodium and other salts in the body. The urine of those who drink the right amount of water will be straw-colored (light yellow). It is a sign of health. If it turns colorless like marble, it is a sign that too much water has been added.

Everyone can drink 8 to 10 ounces of water daily. This may vary according to one’s height, obesity, and physical training. If you drink a lot of water and do not have the right way to get rid of it, the body will become dehydrated. It dilutes important substances in the blood and disrupts their functions. Athletes who take part in competitions such as marathons and triathlons drink plenty of water before and during competitions.

Common symptoms
He will show some signs of dehydration in the body. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, and nausea and / or vomiting. If left untreated, it can lead to muscle weakness, muscle cramps, convulsions, seizures, unconsciousness, and deep coma.

When the concentration of sodium in the blood decreases, it becomes deficient. Sodium acts as an electrolyte and helps maintain the proper amount of water in and out of cells. If you drink too much water, the body becomes dehydrated and the cells begin to swell. Swelling of the cells causes inflammation of the brain. Then, it becomes alive and well.

There is a good chance that the concentration of sodium in the blood will decrease without drinking much water. Blood sodium levels can also be reduced by taking certain medications and causing heart, kidney or liver failure, increased intolerance to diarrhea, and changes in hormones. Find out what causes the sodium concentration to drop and treat it. Otherwise life is in danger.

Make it a habit to drink water at regular intervals. Do not drink a lot of water immediately after eating. It can disrupt digestion. Excess water will increase the pressure in the gut. It also dilutes the density of the digestive tract. Thus the food eaten is properly digested and its nutrients are not absorbed into the blood. If you drink too much water regularly, it can lead to kidney stones. Therefore, kidney disorders can occur. Sudden dehydration can lead to kidney failure and amnesia. People with heart disease and kidney disease may not be able to tolerate too much fluid. That’s why doctors will control the amount of water and fluid they need to consume.

It is true that the body is affected by too much fluid, just as it is affected by dehydration; It is a good idea to determine how much water your body needs based on experience and other factors. He should drink water according to his weight at the rate of one liter of water per 15 kg body weight. Such required water should not be consumed entirely as water. Consume 50% of fruits, vegetables and milk and 50% of direct water. Drinking too much water will dilute not only the sodium in the body but also the potassium. Weak heart can cause more water problems in people with kidney disease.

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