Diagnosed Prevalent Cases of Systemic Sclerosis to Rise by 2030

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• The cases of systemic sclerosis are expected to rise from 171,000 cases in 2020 to 187,000 in 2030, with an annual growth rate of 0.97%

• The United States will be having a high number of diagnosed prevalent cases of scleroderma in the 7MM at 114,000 while France will be the country with the lowest cases with nearly 6,000 cases

• Adults in the age group 50 years and above will be accountable for more than 75% whereas people between 18 and 39 will only contribute less than 10% of the total diagnosed prevalent cases

• Women to Men ratio for the cases is almost 5:1 as previously predicted by a majority of the studies

Bharti Prabhakar, MPH, Associate Project Manager at GlobalData, comments: “Management of SSc is mostly symptomatic and patients require regular clinical follow-up with early pulmonary function tests and echocardiography. The highly morbid and debilitating nature of SSc poses substantial socioeconomic consequences and significant productivity losses for patients.”

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