Deloitte Debate: In the Era of Healthcare Reform, Should Employers Focus First on Benefits

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May 6, 2010 What: “Chicken, Eggs and Healthcare Reform” Who: Steven Kraus, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP Eileen Laudadio, Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP Chris Brandt, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP Stacy Janiak, Partner, Vice Chairman and U.S. Retail Leader, Deloitte LLP When: Available immediately Where: In this latest Debate, Deloitte leaders discuss the impact of the era of government involvement in the private employer healthcare marketplace on organizations of all shapes and sizes. Core to the Debate, experts at Deloitte address whether companies should focus first on technical considerations related to actuarial and employee benefits or begin with an emphasis on workforce Details: planning instead. Steven Kraus argues the potential impact of reform on workforce planning choices is more profound and, therefore, the best place to start as the potential impacts on costs and workforce strategies may be far- reaching. “In some industries, healthcare reform changes warrant a strategic re-evaluation of how you use part-time employees and other non-regular or contingent workers,” said Krause. “Even though implementation of some provisions is being delayed, your annual workforce planning activities should begin in the next twelve months in order to align with eligibility requirements that could take effect in 2012.” Eileen Laudadio and Chris Brandt address the impacts of the new health reform law on health care providers, while Stacy Janiak discusses why the healthcare debate is one that retailers should watch closely. — Health care providers: The current supply of critical workforce segments for health care providers will not meet the anticipated demand triggered by health reform. Deloitte urges these organizations to start with scenario modeling, but most important to get moving now to determine who you’ll need to hire, where outsourcing will work, and what it’s going to cost to get where you need to go. — Retailers: To prepare for the new reform and to control costs retailers should consider reviewing current staffing approaches and analyzing different models of part-time versus full-time employees at each level of the organization. Those who take smart first steps now will have the data they need and be better positioned to make better, faster decisions about talent, the customer experience, risk management and costs. To view Deloitte’s points and counterpoints regarding Healthcare Reform and related issues, please go to This topic is one in a series of Deloitte Debates that examine pressing business issues from multiple perspectives. New debate topics are added weekly. To view the full library of Debates, please visit

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