Corruption and Greed in the Medical Field in India Exposed by Aamir Khan

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The small ray of hope was shown among all this
gloom – the state sponsored health insurance schemes and the generic drugs sale
by certain organizations to make healthcare affordable to the poor.

Medical profession in India has been in turmoil for the
last decade. The education system needs a complete overhaul to say the
least. The problem has been a lack of direction, leadership and a lack of
vision by Medical Council of India
. The organisation holds too many
responsibilities and this needs to be decentralized and some division is
required. The undergraduate and post-graduate education in the country in
medical sciences should be divided between two separate bodies. Another body
should be set up for ethical and legal affairs. Most of the current laws
related to healthcare in India
needs to be revisited and this will need constant interaction with home and law
ministry. The government also needs to come up with another cadre like IAS for
healthcare – maybe it can be called Indian Health Services (IHS), that will
take up administrative responsibilities to run our healthcare
. The current lot
of bearcats sometimes fail to understand the complex dynamics of healthcare
industry and some decisions that are taken are nothing short of disasters. The
doctors are left alienated and are at times too scared to express their
opinions in front of these bearcats as there is an intrinsic fear of getting
transferred if they raise objection or criticise the opinion.  

Like any other profession not all doctors are
. The problem has stemmed from the rapid privatization of medical field
and degradation of public hospitals. There is not one hospital in public sector
you could name that has been run with any efficiency including hospitals such
as AIIMS. The frustration among many doctors from public hospitals is apparent
when you speak to them.  The hospital
fails to perform any advanced diagnostic or surgical procedure as either the
equipment is not available or is not repaired. Most senior staff leaves by 1PM
to start their private work and leave the hospital to be run by trainees or
their juniors. Accountability is absent and this has become the acceptable way
of life.

The rot has set in many years back, the
challenge is going to be almost herculean to clean up the mess. Corruption,
inefficiency, greed and to top it all the lack of a regulatory body makes it a
free for all  at the cost of the ailing
. Satyamev Jayate can only expose these evils, only time will tell if
the programme will make any difference. We wonder if next year Aamir will
revisit these issues that he has taken up and see if any action was taken or
like so many programme this too will just pass and we will remain where we are. 

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