Cervical Cancer Awareness Month 2022

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Early detection also allows for effective management of the condition, making cervical cancer the most preventable and treatable form of cancer.

and 342,000 suffered mortality from the disease.

The United States records beyond 14,000 women with invasive cervical cancer annually. However, with proper screening and vaccination against cervical cancer, the disease is preventable.

Organizational Efforts

The Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) — Dr.TedrosAdhanomGhebreyesus made a global call in May 2018 for eliminating cervical cancer.

The World Health Organization had also launched the Cervical Cancer Elimination Initiative in 2020 with three pillars: 90% of girls vaccinated by age 15; 70% of women screened by age 35; and 90% of women with pre-cancer managed or with cancer treated.

Non-profit organizations like National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC) along with its local chapters, and American Sexual Health Association (ASHA) strive to bring light to cervical cancer, its importance and early detection, and HPV disease throughout January.

These organizations also provide a range of educational resources, fact sheets, podcasts (ASHA’s Sex+Health) for the public and healthcare providers on cervical health. The month serves as a special focus to spread the word on cervical health among the communities.

Elle Smith — an American model, beauty pageant, and journalist, who was crowned Miss USA 2021 is also an NCCC chapter leader for promoting cervical cancer awareness.

Join Hands to Prevent Cervical Cancer

Global support to research may help formulate new and effective therapies to treat this cancer. One can easily join in this joint motive to advocate the increased knowledge of cervical cancer and HPV diseases. Some of the measures include:

  • Contacting the local media for coverage and press release of cervical health awareness month.

  • Send proclamations to the local legislative office for publicly recognizing the awareness drive.

  • Display and distribute posters on social media regarding cervical cancer awareness month and share prevention messages on cervical cancer.

  • You may use hashtags like #CervicalHealthMonth to get involved and mark a difference.

The month strives to mark that not a single woman ever dies from cervical cancer. Let us join the noble motive to prevent cervical cancer and save lives.


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