Can You Generate a New Blood Vessel?

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Blood vessel generation is identified to have a unique “switch” as per a study at Kumamoto University.

The study team systematically analyzed the epigenetic changes in angiogenesis-stimulated vascular endothelial cells (blood vessels) to defy the conventional epigenomic wisdom.

‘Unique epigenetic changes responsible for stimulating angiogenesis-specific (blood vessel generation) genes are discovered by scientists.

It was found that a unique epigenetic modification (bivalent histone-mark switch — specific to critical transcription factors) induces genes essential for angiogenesis and revealed that the histone modifiers responsible for this modification are vital for postnatal angiogenesis.

The findings may hold the potential to compile the epigenomic database for normal endothelial cells and selective epigenomic drug discovery to protect against age-related vascular diseases.

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