Bringing Grandma’s Remedies Back to Our Daily Lives

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With this pandemic, people recollected our roots and the power of ayurveda. It is a 5,000-year-old asset and gift to India that our ancestors have given us, by using herbs and plants in recipes to live healthy with purity. With time we shifted to other chemical based products due to comfortable packaging, accessibility and time. I think the ease of the usage and convenience had a major role in shifting us to low quality products, Swati told IANSlife explaining the power of natural recipes.

‘Nuskha helps in modernizing the ancient way of healing by making a range of products available like raw forest honey, ayurvedic and natural oral care kits.’

“When we talked to our grandmothers, we heard about this and followed many such “Nuskhe” in our lives to get rid of the issues. Child, spread this ‘hing ka lep’ around your navel if you have stomach ache, it will get cured in minutes. Apply turmeric with cream on your skin and it will glow. But in the current age, we are unable to get the right quality ingredients,” she adds.

In India, there are multiple cultures and religions, and every group has their own home remedies, she notes.

The Ayurveda enthusiast says: Many healing remedies and herbs are present in our kitchen, but we are not aware of the real usage for the same.

“Nuskha is willing to bring those age-old recipes into our lives again by manufacturing them in a lab with effective formulation and ingredients to heal with the power of Ayurveda! We are willing to modernize our ancient way of healing to take them back into our new-age lifestyle,” she says.

Nuskha has a range of products, including raw forest honey, ayurvedic and natural oral care kits. They also have a three-drop therapy for belly button oils.

Source: IANS

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