The role of breastfeeding women in global sustainable development

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Is it not the sole prerogative and pride of the mother to conceive and feed the unborn child the extracted milk in her womb! It is the crowning glory of nature! This is proof that nature respects and admires women!

Breastfeeding babies can achieve 7 of these goals, says Lancet, a world-class medical journal!

Poverty alleviation
The baby is breastfed only 6 months after birth and then breastfed with home-made foods to maintain the baby’s physical and mental health. There are no costs for milk powder and no cost for treatments. The mother is in good health so she can go to work and earn. Thus poverty will be eradicated.

Eliminating hunger
Breast milk is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and many micronutrients such as iron, copper, zinc, iodine, selenium, manganese, and magnesium. So the hungry baby can’t get close.

Physical and mental health

An important goal for well-being! Breastfeeding maintains the physical and mental health of both mother and baby.

For the baby, there are no malnutrition diseases because of the availability of good nutrients.
Breast milk has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the risk of many life-threatening diseases
Mother-child affection increases
The mother hugs the baby, looks him in the eye, smiles and gives him milk, which gives him a good mood.
The baby gets tenderness, love, affection and warmth.
Self esteem increases with the pride of giving my mother, my baby, my milk, and the beauty of the interior shines on her face.
About 3 kg of body fat during pregnancy is reduced by breastfeeding and the mother easily regains her old body structure.
The uterus easily contracts and the abdomen gains balance.
The mother does not become pregnant for six months after feeding.
Breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
Quality education

Lancet (2015) reports that a breastfed baby has a higher IQ. Breast milk contains a variety of substances such as DHA, Epidermal growth factor, cystine and taurine for the brain development, skill development and knowledge development of the baby. Without diseases, if the IQ is high with a good mood, the sky is the limit for educational development!

Appropriate work and economic growth

Nowadays women can easily reach many peaks. Women are rewarded as women of achievement in many fields such as education, work, promotion, research and sports. The home and country economy is also booming by working women. All working women should be given adequate encouragement and support during pregnancy and lactation! This is commonly referred to as the Maternity Protection Act. 6 months leave with pay, change of work, change of work place, separate place with basic facilities with daily breastfeeding interval at work should be provided. Basically women can do Multi tasking easily. Women can easily cope with work and breastfeeding if given the support they need.

Reducing economic volatility

Economic growth can easily occur if the mother and heir children of the family are in good health and mental health. Economic fluctuations will decrease.

Environmental protection
Breastfeeding protects the environment. There are no waste products in natural breast milk. The list goes on and on about the cost of fuel to produce powdered milk, the smoke emitted by factories, and dust pollution, the cost of fuel by vehicles that help market it, the smoke, the cardboard box for packing milk evening, the water needed to make milk from flour at home, and the fuel. Breastfeeding should be continued during any natural disaster or disaster. This is safety for mother and baby.

Some statistics
Breastfeeding can prevent 1,56,000 infant deaths per year in India alone.
Breastfeeding can prevent the death of 8,20,000 babies a year worldwide.
India’s income will increase as children’s intellectual capacity improves. This is about Rs 4300 crore per year.
About 20,000 women die of breast cancer in India every year. Of these, 4915 deaths could have been prevented by breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding every newborn baby can reduce the risk of diabetes by 35% in the future.
A natural process by which a mother breastfeeds her baby can lay the foundation for global development.

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