Boost Your Mental Health on Valentine’s Day 2022

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Valentine’s Day is a spell to express out your love to your better halves, inviting equal stress, fear, and anxiety (not anxiety disorder) to make everything seem overwhelming and perfect!

Valentine’s Day and Mental Health

As the season of red roses, chocolates, dinner dates, love, and celebration unfold with Valentine’s Day, the trip can also be likewise stressful during these times of COVID and can have a toll on the mental health. This can be even more for singles, those with breakups, or anyone who is not on good terms in their relationship.

Nearly one-third of people (including those in relationships) say that they feel more dread than excitement about Valentine’s Day as per a recent poll conducted in USA.

The global pandemic has certainly taken a larger toll on all our mental health, which more than ever challenges our navigation through February 14th. Hence, it is important to disperse the love to others and yourself in a healthier way this season.

Pamper Your Mental Health

One can easily cope with Valentine’s Day loneliness, stress, and anxiety, regardless of whether you’re nurturing Valentine’s Day with a special someone or solo. Prioritize your mental health this season as you grab on some tips below:

  • Cherish the most significant and longest relationship – the one with yourself, this season.

  • Take efforts for positive self-talk like “I accept and love myself, and I choose to focus on positive thoughts” instead of muttering “I hate being alone.” Optimistic pronouncements help reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Engage in the self-care phase. Pamper yourself or practice anything or everything that refuels you.

  • Plan your night out or re-energizing gestures (spa night, buying chocolates or flowers, reading a good book) with your significant other or self-night if you are your priority.

  • As the day involves the expression of feeling loved, demonstrate to yourself how much you love yourself. As our minds and bodies are linked, care for your body (eat well, exercise regularly, and sleep full) to boost your physical and emotional well-being.

  • Get involved in various forms of mindfulness journey (“here and now”) by practicing yoga/meditation, coloring a calming book, listening to podcasts, or even writing. This may help you better focus on your emotions and reduce anxiety and stress.

  • Remember to express your grand expectations to your partner if you’re in a relationship. Simultaneously stay open to first-hand experiences than being preoccupied with ideal scenarios.

  • Valentine’s Day is not just a day for romantic love, but also holds a special tone for all your relationships. As a token of love, plan for small gifts of love to your family and friends as well.

  • Unplug your social media (“highlight reel” of one’s life) to prioritize and focus on what’s important this season.

  • Avoid temporary temptation (escape from reality) like alcohol and drugs as these may make you feel worse and more negative in the long term.

  • Hang out with your good friends to satisfy your craving for social connection (as all human beings are social creatures).

  • Remember that this holiday is simply another day to appreciate everything and everyone you value.

  • Do not hesitate to share your Valentine’s Day struggles with your friend, family member, or therapist; seek help!

This season, practice the art of gratitude and adoration by appreciating the love of yourself and all your dear ones.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!


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