Beat Post Holiday Blues After New Year With These Important Dos And Don’ts

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Beat Post Holiday Blues After New Year With These Important Dos And Don'ts

People often experience post-holiday blues when they return from their vacation. The longer the vacation the more intensely they experience this. This is because we often realise how mundane our lives are after returning from an eventful trip or holiday. One may experience fatigue, may feel nostalgic, may lose appetite. Although it may seem like depression, it is more likely that you’re experiencing a feeling of loss. Christmas and new year parties and holidays have come to an end, but it has left most of us in a weird mood. Onlymyhealth editorial team spoke to Ms. Tanvi Sardesai – Clinical Psychologist, Masina Hospital, Mumbai, about the dos and don’ts for post holiday blues. 

Dos and don’ts for post holiday blues 

There are many health benefits of a vacation but the ending can lead to post holiday blues as well. Overnight, you suddenly lose the interesting activities that filled up your time, you lose the excitement, you lose the energy, you lose the involvement you had with people and all that you anticipated and looked forward to has ended. According to Ms. Tanvi, some dos and don’ts that might help with dealing with these post-holiday/ post-vacation blues are:


1. Identify what you’re feeling

One important thing that might help getting over these blues is realising that what you are experiencing is an adjustment to less stimulation. This might make it seem less overwhelming. When you identify what you’re experiencing it is easier to work it through. 

2. Engage in self care

Catch up on sleep, drink enough water, exercise. Engage in daily activities that provide nourishment. When we feel alright physically, getting back to our normal lives and work might seem a little easier. 

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3. Follow a schedule

Have a routine to follow. Engage in activities at designated times. This can help bring about a sense of control and can make you feel more productive. It is important to follow a schedule to get over post holiday blues. 

4. Make a journal

It may also help to reflect on and write down your thoughts and experiences from the holiday. You can also choose to journal about other things in life. This might help you improve your mood. 

5. Ease in to your normal life

It might help to get home a little earlier so you don’t have to rush into your life. This will give you time to rest, reconnect and prepare yourself for you work the next day. Take time to enjoy your house, talk to your family. 

6. Make lists


Take the first hour of your day to make a to do list for the day, clear desk, have your coffee. Setting your priorities before you jump into work can reduce the levels of anxiety you are experiencing.


1. Don’t overdo it

People often think having a busy long first day might help them settle in and get over the blues. But this might make you feel guilty for taking time off work. Giving yourself time to ease into your routine can make you feel more positive about work and can help you feel refreshed after your holiday. 

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2. Don’t look back, look forward instead

Think about something you are looking forward to this year, this week, this month. This might make your sense off loss less intense. Do not look back and try to look forward instead. 

3. Don’t isolate

Getting back to our mundane life can feel tiring and might make you want to withdraw. It may help to talk to someone verbally. Reconnecting with people, reaching out can make you feel a sense of social support. Rather than focusing the conversation on your mood, try focusing the conversation on the other person. 

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