Ayurvedic ways to increase heart health!

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Obesity is on the rise these days due to lack of proper physical activity and exercise.

To increase, increase body fat, the well-being of the heart is declining.

The number of diabetics and heart patients in India is on the rise.

Therefore, you need to take more care of your heart.

Therefore, follow the natural, Ayurvedic methods and dominate the strength and health of the heart.

Eating orange fruit daily will increase the strength of the heart.
If you dry and powder the figs and eat a spoonful, the weakened heart will be healthy.
Pear is very good for heart health. It increases heart strength and promotes heart rate.
If you mix honey and basil leaf juice in hot water for 48 days and drink it, your heart strength will be great.
Dry and powder the leaves of the red papaya flower and add the bark powder to it. Take both of these in equal proportions and mix it with milk to strengthen the heart.
If the messenger is soaked in whey and then fried, the weakness of the heart will be removed and good health will be achieved.

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