Ayurveda Expert Suggests Important Tips For New Born Care

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Ayurveda Expert Suggests Important Tips For New Born Care

The birth of an infant leaves a mother with a pool of emotional and physical weakness to recover from. As much as the recovery is time-dependent, Ayurveda care can catalyze this process with an even better immunity of the newborn and mother. The child is dependent on the mother not just for nutrition but also for the healthy development of the nervous system and emotions. The period until regaining strength can vary depending upon the age, health, and immunity of the mother and the baby. In the face of the pandemic, Dr. Partap Chauhan, Director – Jiva Ayurveda sheds light on the Ayurveda lifestyle for infants and mothers in a sensitive time during post-partum.

To develop the emotional intelligence of the baby and retain the sanity of the mother, a loving atmosphere of serenity and Ojas building should be maintained with the use of good sounds and purification techniques. Mother and baby should be given proper rest, warm food, and immunity-building herbal treatment. One of the oldest traditional systems of medicine, Ayurveda is an amalgamation of ancient wisdom and rich knowledge. Read further to know about age old ayurvedic remedies for new born babies.

Ayurvedic tips for new born babies

According to Dr. Partap, here are 5 important ayurvedic tips for new born babies:

1. Mother’s milk

breast milk

Breastfeeding described as a sanskara of the child is a pivotal part of child care during post-partum. Besides the overwhelming bonding it creates between the mother and the child, Dr. Partap Chauhan said, “mother’s milk provides the necessary nutrition, boosts immunity, reduces the risk of diseases, maintains a healthy weight, and improves the IQ level of the child, and on the other hand, mothers share equal benefits from breastfeeding by reducing the risk of diseases and burning calories.” Breastfeeding also helps the mother in an easy contraction of the uterus, preventing stress and depression, and most importantly, instills a feeling of empowerment.

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2. Massaging and bathing routine for the baby

Massage therapy helps initiate movements in the baby’s body. Advising on the benefits of massages, Dr. Partap Chauhan said “massages using Ayurvedic oils help in healthy muscle development, building natural health, immunity, flexibility and good skin for a newborn baby. A warm bath followed by a good massage (Abhyanga Snana) helps calm the baby, improves sleep, aid digestion, and strengthens the immune system.” Ayurveda recommends danta dhavana nishedham, it means that the teeth of the child should not be brushed until the jaw becomes strong. Placing a piece of cotton soaked with lukewarm sesame or castor oil on the head with a cap over the soft spot. It helps protect the brain and sensitive marma points of the baby. The clothes of both, the baby and the mother should be fumigated with disinfectants.

3. Cleansing of the nursery

In Ayurveda, Acharyas recommend the cleansing of the earth, air, and space with a combination of herbs, water and sounds to protect the nursery. The Samhitas suggest an herb mixture containing rakshoghna (insecticidal and anti-bacterial). Medicinal fumigation using cow dung and good quality medicinal dhoopan without additional essential oils of fragrance is recommended to cleanse air and space that surround the infant and the mother.

4. Avoid visitors and stay indoors

For the first 21-day period after the delivery, the baby and mother, both are very fragile and sensitive. The baby should come in contact only with the mother, father, and caretaker. According to Dr. Partap Chauhan, “after the delivery for the next four months, visitors should be limited to immediate family members who have a positive aura and good intentions. The baby and the mother should try to stay indoors for a few weeks after delivery as the body is immune to catching germs and energies very quickly.”

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5. The significance of gold and silver metals for babies

The two metals are extremely beneficial for babies as per the Ayurveda. The presence of silver on the baby’s skin below the waist region enhances brain development and eyesight and helps in cooling the pitta in the genital area. Gold is another metal used in sookshma quantities as “samskara.” The metal is powerful enough to improve Ras, Rakta, and Medhya. Using silver and gold utensils to feed the baby also helps enhance the diet.

The study of Ayurveda has been evolving for over more than two millennia offering measures to fight diseases in using complex mixtures of herbs and special diets. To know more about how Ayurveda can help you and your child during and after pregnancy, talk to an Ayurveda expert for personalised advice.

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