Avian Flu Outbreak In Scotland, 40,000 Birds Culled

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The Scottish government announced a bird flu outbreak at a poultry farm in eastern Scotland. Laboratory tests identified a very mild strain of the H5N1 virus and a humane cull of almost 40,000 birds had begun.

Restrictions on the movement of poultry and birds for one kilometer around the affected premises remain in place, the release added.

“The lab has now formally confirmed the presence of a very mild form of H5N1 avian influenza on a poultry farm near Dunfermline. It is important to stress that this strain is quite distinct from the highly pathogenic form of H5N1 that has caused significant problems over the past decade or so around the world,” Scottish Chief Veterinary Officer Sheila Voas said.

‘Bird flu or avian influenza is a disease caused by an influenza virus (H5N1) that primarily affects birds. This virus that causes the bird infection can mutate to infect humans.

She stressed the precautionary measures in place since suspicion of disease was first reported, in line with well-rehearsed contingency plans for dealing with avian influenza, terming the formal confirmation as “something of a technicality.”

Source: IANS

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