Artificial Intelligence (AI) Unfolds the New Dimension of Social Development

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Pointing out to the extensive researches that are taking place in AI globally and even India, the experts state the diverse role of artificial intelligence in achieving progress of the nations. This may help eliminate poverty and hunger, inequality, and injustice for better life. It was reported that about

‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) proves as an inevitable tool in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs – 17 interlinked global goals for a better future). A global virtual event provided excellent and up-to-date research for all AI enthusiasts from the industry, academicians, and students to realize the importance of AI in all fields.

Potential of Artificial Intelligence

It is high time that the industry and government utilize the potential applications of AI in addressing various social challenges, the education system for personalized and adaptive learning, and better career choices, the medical field for diagnosis of diseases, and its surveillance, and sustaining the ecosystem via satellite imagery, weather data, and economic data.

India however lacks robust data governance frameworks in place for AI. The experts thereby pointed out the need for increased investment in the areas of data security and data inclusivity. However, the NITI Aayog is working towards creating a robust data governance framework. The experts also commented on the importance of women in AI.

“In a big leap, India has jumped 37 places to be ranked 10th in Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) 2020,” says Dr. Rajendra Kumar, IAS, Additional Secretary, MeitY. The talk emphasized two cornerstones of successful AI and data tech implementation – trust and transparency.

Amrita University and AI

One of the key partners on several AI projects of the Indian government is Amrita University. Their project – UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-Age Governance) aims at enhancing the accessibility of Indian Sign Language and grant all Indian citizens to access pan India e-Gov services ranging from central to Local Government bodies.

“AI is certainly the single largest technology revolution in our times. A disruptive technology like AI needs to be seen from the perspective of the transformative impact it can have on the greater social good by improving the quality of life of people and helping them create and access choices,” says Professor Prema Nedungadi, Director, AmritaCREATE, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

Thus the event provided excellent and up-to-date research for all AI enthusiasts from the industry, academicians, and students.

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