Approved Procedure to Restore Fertility After Childhood Cancer Treatment

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Goossens ​​studied the effects and possibilities of having children who do not produce sperm. Following the successful research results,

. This will allow sperm cells to be developed that will be useful in fertility treatment.

Goossens said, “The support in the context of Kom op tegen Kanker via the FWO is invaluable for our research. It allowed us to develop a protocol for the preservation and transplantation of testicular tissue.

A study is currently under way in which boys who have had tissue banked are further followed up so that we can investigate whether their puberty is proceeding normally and whether they are fertile in adulthood. This is important because too little is still known about the effects of cancer treatments at a young age.”

Goossens’ research is an example of Flanders’ annual investment in a cancer charity called Kom op tegen Kanker. Flemish Minister of Science Policy Hilde Crevits said, “Once again, ground-breaking cancer research by Flemish scientists. Prof. Goossens’ research is the ultimate proof that years of investment in cancer research pays off.

Cancer is and will remain a disease that many families or groups of friends will encounter sooner or later. Every opportunity for an accelerated diagnosis, better treatment or aftercare should be seized with both hands. That is why, in the framework of Kom op tegen Kanker, we invest each year in promising scientific projects through the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO).

This year we are focusing on better screening for skin and lung cancer and the effect of immunotherapy. We hope that these studies will also yield ground-breaking results in the future.”

Crewitz is raising an additional budget of €800,000, through the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO). It supports three scientific projects that carry out research into the best diagnosis or treatment for skin and lung cancer.

At last, the team is expected to perform the first transplant this year. And VUB scientists got approval for testicular re-implantation to restore fertility after childhood cancer treatment.

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