8 Ways To Reclaim Your Mental Health The Creative Way

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8 Ways To Reclaim Your Mental Health The Creative Way

It would not be an overstatement that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought mental health and self-care into the mainstream. The pandemic and its induced lockdown and isolation aggravated mental health issues to some extent. But since people worldwide went through myriad emotions and experiences, it became collective, paving the way for mental health issues to become mainstream. There are certain ways you can take care of your mental health, such as meditation, exercise, having well-balanced nutritious food and Yoga. However, if you are struggling and looking for some not-so-mainstream and creative ways to reclaim your mental health, here are some ways you can do it:

Creative Ways To Reclaim Mental Health

Mental health, just like its physical counterpart, needs constant care and attention. However, if you are struggling mentally, you can adopt some creative strategies on top of the mainstream ones. However, before we go through these, you must know these don’t cure any mental health illnesses, and you must consult your doctor for them. These strategies, when practiced along with the overall wellness routine, can help you with your mental health. Let’s look at these one by one.

1. Stop Thinking What Others Think

Reclaim mental health the creative way

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In India, people tend to give great importance to how others perceive them. Not only does this mentality add little quality to your life, but it can also pose a burden on your mental health. When you constantly think about what others think about you, you seldom live life freely. And unmet desires, ambitions, and restrained living can be burdensome. Although it might be impossible to get this mindset out of your system at once, consistent efforts, especially when you experience the difference, will do the trick.

2. Try Loosening Up

When struggling, you tend to tense up. You close yourself to others, which can refrain you from seeing hope. Hence, loosening yourself up a bit, getting silly and invisible can help you a lot to live your life fully and freely, thus helping you with mental health.

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3. Humour Can Help

It won’t help to take yourself seriously all the time. Hence, try to incorporate humour into your life. Not just taking your life less seriously, but living life and not just spending it can improve the quality of your mental health as well the overall life.

4. Share

Mental health is as important as physical health

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Speaking about your troubles can help a great deal lifting that burden off your chest and mind. Hence, share whatever is bothering you with your friends and family. Also, sometimes talking to strangers, not about your troubles but anything general can boost your mood as well as confidence.

5. Mix Up Your Routine

Monotony can affect you mentally. Since there is no challenge, it feels dull, which can lead to a sense of dread. Hence, whenever you feel this way, mix up your routine to add a bit of pep to your life.

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6. Engage In Activities

A great way to beat the monotony is to include activities in your life that you care for, enjoy, and that add value to your life. Bake, paint, dance, do gardening, anything that gets your creative juices flowing. Not just these, adding self-care activities to your daily routine such as journaling, meditating can also help you mentally.

7. Develop Morning & Night Routine

Having a morning and night routine can help you stay energetic, disciplined, and happy. You can start your morning with some exercise, followed by meditation, and a warm, healthy breakfast. Similarly, instead of spending time on Netflix before sleeping, you can replace it with journaling, meditating, or whatever you like. These help you with moments of calm amid discomfort and chaos.

8. Stop Glorifying Work

We have long come to glorify work and neglect recreation. A person who spends day and night working without any balance in his lifestyle whatsoever is glorified. Work as it’s known brings prosperity. But it hasn’t brought happiness. On the other hand, Finland tops the World Happiness Index, a country that strikes a good balance between work, family time, and recreation. If this resonates with you, then you must also try to strike a balance between your work and non-work life. 

These creative ways might help you reclaim your mental health. However, do remember these are hacks and should be topped on your daily wellness routine. Also, these will in no way treat any mental health issue you are suffering from. For that, you must follow the treatment prescribed by your doctor. However, these creative ways can make your life a bit happier, calmer, and more peaceful.

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