7 Trending Body Treatments Experts Say Will Get You Summer-Ready

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Fat Reduction Using Radio Frequency

Miami plastic surgeon Sean Simon, MD says heating stubborn fat with a device like Sculpsure, which is what he employs at his practice, provides noninvasive fat reduction and tissue tightening. “Devices like this employ a laser that is applied to the skin’s surface to target subcutaneous fat. The skin is bypassed by the laser preventing any damage on its way to treat the fat,” he explains. According to the surgeon, a 20-minute treatment results in approximately 25 percent fat reduction. “There is absolutely no downtime and it can be repeated multiple times, at six-week intervals, for additional benefit.”   

Grosse Pointe, MI dermatologist Shauna R. Diggs, MD uses NuEra Tight to reduce pockets of fat and tighten skin on areas like the upper arms, back, thighs, waistline and under the chin. “With each treatment, the radio frequency current heats the tissue, stimulating collagen production and causing a ‘shrink wrap’ effect tightening the skin,” she explains. According to Dr. Diggs, the heat feels like a comfortable and therapeutic hot stone massage. “Any skin color type can be treated,” she adds. “The procedure can be personalized for the body type and specific area to be treated, targeting different layers, including collagen, fat and deep tissue.”

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