7 Myths About Inflammatory Bowel Disease Debunked, Know Real Facts

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7 Myths About Inflammatory Bowel Disease Debunked, Know Real Facts

There are various gastrointestinal problems that happen in our system. Some of them are mild whereas other can get severe with time. This could be particularly problematic because it disrupts your digestive process and causes cramps, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea. All these conditions come under inflammatory bowel syndrome which affects thousands of people regularly. But people also have many misconceptions about inflammatory bowel syndrome and problems coming under this gastro disease. IBS is a disorder that affects the gastrointestinal system and causes problems in stomach. We have tried to debunk some common myths for you that are around IBD. 

Myths about Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome

Myth 1- IBD is same as IBS

Numerous people believe that irritable bowel syndrome is same as inflammatory bowel syndrome. IBS and IBD both affect your digestive system and have similar acronyms. This perhaps can cause confusion between these two. However IBS is a disorder that occurs because of miscommunication between gut and brain. It leads to diarrhoea, bloating, constipation and more. This condition can also get worse because of stress and anxiety.


On the other hand IBD is a disease that happens because of disruption in immune response that attacks its own gastrointestinal system. This causes damage in the stomach and can cause problematic symptoms which take time to heal. Anxiety, stress, depression, etc can make it even worse and cause severe pain and bowel problems.

Myth 2- Stress Causes IBD

IBD is an immune driven problem that causes several intestinal problems. It does not mean it is directly related to stress or stress can be the only factor that causes IBD. In most of the conditions stress only elevates IBD symptoms and conditions. Inflammatory bowel disease can be triggered because of stress and hence could be harmful to your health.

Myth 3- Some people have both Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis

No this is a myth because both are very different conditions and problems that cannot occur simultaneously. Even though these both problems are most occurring conditions that happen during inflammatory bowel disease, it is unlikely that it can happen together. It is also hard to determine whether you have ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. However symptoms do start becoming evident after a while. 

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Myth-4 There is no treatment for IBD

This is false, there are effective treatments that are useful to cure your from IBD symptoms and related problems. Inflammatory bowel disease has different conditions in it that need separate treatment according to the problem. But most of them can be treated with help of medications and some clinical remedies suggested by doctors. Other than that if the condition gets tough, then you may have trouble for which surgical or other procedures are available.


Myth-5 Everyone with IBD needs Surgery

As mentioned above most of the symptoms of IBD can be treated using medications and remedies that can help in recovery. Surgery is only required in severe cases where there is severe pain, problem in the gut, bowel disease or complications of IBD. Early diagnosis can however prevent a person from falling for severe condition and can help to relieve symptoms of IBD. Due to increased rate of early diagnosis, the rate of surgery has gone down.

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Myth 6- Pregnant Women cannot take IBD medications

Fortunately it is not true. This is a general perception which occurs with all medicines in case of pregnancy. Most people believe that no medication can be given during pregnancy. But IBD medicines are safe and do not harm health of the women or baby growing inside. There is only one medication called as methotrexate which is needs to be avoided and be taken only if a doctor prescribes it because that could be problematic during pregnancy. 


Myth 7- IBD affects Gut only

False, Inflammatory bowel disease can have effect on various parts of the body including your gut. Apart from gastrointestinal system it can also affect your skin, eyes, joints and other places. Gastro diseases also happen in several locations in the body such as stomach, intestines, mouth, anus and canal. IBD can even affect your musculoskeletal system such as eyes, kidney and lungs. This diseases is also capable of damaging your liver, gallbladder and bile duct, therefore you need to be very careful.

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