5 Ways to Say Goodbye to Sparse Brows for Good

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If the cause is overplucking, revive sparse areas with a brow serum.

Overplucking is a common grooming mistake, but it’s also one of the biggest reasons for hair loss in the eyebrows. “Eventually, the plucked hair grows back in, but after a while, the growth rate shortens a bit with each cycle,” says New York hair restoration surgeon Carols Wesley, MD. “The areas that have been overplucked come back shorter and thinner, leading to long-term thinning.” Try a strengthening brow growth serum like which VIVI Naturals Sagano ($68), a superfood serum that contains plant peptides, adaptogens, amino acids and vitamins to help support the growth of thicker brows and includes disposable applicators for a more hygienic routine. 

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