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Fully Alert Or Daydreaming? Signs You Are Focused (Or Not)

It is okay to lose focus once in a while. It happens quite often in day-to-day life. And often, we ignore such lapses, fix our attention back, and carry on with the activity at hand. However, there are days when your focus takes a hit. It is when your mind wanders madly, leaving you cranky, perturbed, and anxious over the tasks you need to complete. Ask a sportsperson, a student studying for a test, or a musician performing on stage, and they’ll tell you the importance of focus. We all have a general idea of what focus is. But knowing about the signs of you are focused or not can help you bring your attention back on the days you are not. Taking to Twitter, health expert Subhasree Ray shared ten such signs.

Signs That You Are Focused

On days when you are focused, you sail through your task without much difficulty. Here are some signs that you have laser-sharp focus:

  1. It is easy for you to stay alert.
  2. You concentrate on just one thing at a time rather than drifting from one thing to another.
  3. You set a goal and break it into smaller sub-goals. It is a sign of being alert. Also, such a strategy helps you remain focused.
  4. Whenever you take a break, you can easily bring your focus back once your break is over.
  5. Working isn’t difficult for you. 

Signs You Aren’t Focused

Test your focus with these tips

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A different scenario develops when you aren’t focused. You are unable to complete any of the tasks at hand, leaving you irritated and anxious. Here is what you’ll experience the days your focus goes for a toss:

  1. You daydream constantly
  2. You cannot stop getting distracted
  3. You lose track of your progress
  4. Since you aren’t able to be attentive, it leaves you feeling overwhelmed
  5. Rather than focusing on one task at a time, you try multitasking.

So, these are some of the signs of zero focus.

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How To Remain Focused

Focus is crucial to complete tasks

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Being focused is an important trait to be successful, or complete the tasks at hand. At times, it can be difficult to focus. Here are some tips that can help you to sharpen your focus:

  • Minimising distractions is the key to focus. Although you do not have complete control over your environment, there are some things you can do. Hence, turn off your notifications, work in a closed and quiet room, and also tell those around you to not disturb you.
  • Nowadays smartphone is a huge cause of distractions. Hence, while working, if you don’t need it, it’s better to turn it off or keep it away.
  • The days you sleep less, you tend to get more distracted. Hence, make sure you get seven to eight hours of sound sleep daily.
  • When hungry, no person can remain focused. Hence, make sure you eat enough well-balanced food. At times, small doses of caffeine also help. 

Other than these, keeping a to-do list helps with building momentum and being focused. Also breaking the tasks into smaller sub-tasks can help.

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